How to import presets into lightroom mobile-(ANDROID)-DNG Format?


Please follow the steps bellow:

1. Download and unzip the zip file and open the "MOBILE-DNG" FOLDER

2. You will find in this folder the presets file with the DNG extention

3. Download Lightroom CC App It’s completely Free and you don’t need a paid subscription

4. Send the DNG presets files to your mobile

5. Select the DNG file and open it then click the share buttom" "

6. Select the Lightroom app from the list

7. Open Lightroom CC app, find preset and open it, then click the three dots on the upper right of the app

8. Select create preset then name it and add it to the right collection

9. Click the check mark" " to save the preset, and you’re done.

10. To apply the preset, open a picture in Lightroom then select the presets icon " " and select the preset you want to apply.

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